MDSC 203 Re-Production Video

For this assignment, you will work with a group of classmates to create a shot-by-shot recreation of a 1 minute to 2 minute clip from some text we have watched or will watch this semester. You also need to include, in the final video, a copy of the scene that you are reproducing. You should put the original first, then your reproduction.

Click here to see an example from a previous semester

assignment requirements

  1. the successful sending of the video pair to Prof. Shafer using large file transfer;
  2. the completion of the attached worksheet (which you can cut-and-paste into a document to be uploaded to Canvas by Wednesday, October 16 by noon);
  3. a storyboard for your clip (which you turn in on paper during class on Monday, November 4);
  4. a 200-250 word reflective essay from each student describing the process your group went through to complete the project, which you will upload to Canvas on Friday, April 26.

You can expect to see a question on the final exam about your creative process and the choices you made while producing this media text.

Be sure to use a horizontal format, be sure we can hear, and be sure you are reproducing every edit and every sound cue from the original. You have approximately two months to complete this project, so I expect very polished results.

Upload the final video in either an .mov or .mp4 file format.

This document will help you to complete the remake video in a collaborative and organized manner. The more precise you are in your planning, the easier it will be for you to complete the assignment with a minimum of difficulties. You can make creative choices to represent the televisual elements of your chosen clip. Your remake should be a faithful reproduction of the style, setting, characters, sound, and mise-en-scène of the clip you’ve chosen. This means you should work to re-create everything that you see and hear in the clip as closely as possible. The more pre-production work you do (scouting locations, enlisting friends to be actors, determining camera angles, assessing how sound will work) the more polished your final reproduction will be.

 proposal worksheet:

  1. Names of people in group:
  2. What show are you taking your clip from?
  3. Write a 50 word summary of the clip:
  4. Why are you choosing this particular clip?
  5. Write a shot-by-shot analysis of the clip:
  6. Assign responsibilities for producing the remake & list the names of the people performing each role:

Director:  (The director plans the shoots, directs the actors, and assesses whether or not the shots are up to par.)

Cinematographer: (The cinematographer is responsible for shooting the footage and making sure that it is transferred to the editors in a workable format.)

Producer: (The producer is in charge of the schedule; finds the locations, actors, costumes, and props for the shoot; and makes sure that everyone completes their tasks.)

Editor(s): (The editors edit the shots together, upload them to YouTube or Vimeo, and post the link to Canvas.)

Production Schedule:

Producer locates talent by:

Producer determines locations for each shot by:

Producer identifies and procures necessary props & costumes by:

Director schedules film shoot schedule for each shot by:

Cinematographer makes sure equipment is available and ready to use by:

Film shoot dates:

Cinematographer transfers raw footage to editors by:

Editors begin editing on:

Editors complete editing by:

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