This work was featured in the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival’s Iterations as Habitats exhibition in 2015. The festival’s curators have written an article about Networked cinema. In that article, they describe this video by saying:

“The video plays with the notion of architecture as a historiographic habitat that is both static and moving, computational and biological. It also stages a feminist historiography by insisting that history is composed of multiple temporalities and polyphonic voices. The video deconstructs the idea of the stasis of historical monument with the camera constantly moving and panning in the space and the agency of fractured images layered on top of each other to fashion a new architecture of computational, layered feminist praxis. The video unleashes multiple voices, multiple screens, multiple histories as simultaneously continuous and discontinuous, the contradictions of history that provoke change.”



Declaration of Sentiments 2014


This video was recorded in the historic Wesleyan Chapel at the National Women’s Rights Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY. In the video, you can read along with a chorus of voices as they recite the Declaration of Sentiments, the foundational document of Women’s Suffrage. A series of still images record the reverence and excitement of the speakers who were standing at the podium where Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott once stood. Many of the speakers were in town to present at the 2014 Seneca Falls Dialogues Conference.

The video was shot by faculty and students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS): Leah Shafer, Molly Naef, Amber Williams and Julia Yenco. Funding for the project was provided by the William Smith Deans Office and the HWS Office of the Provost.

Sentiments and Usurpations


This video was recorded at the 2010 Seneca Falls Dialogues Conference. In the video, you see a diverse group of people reciting and repeating one of the Declaration of Sentiments’ most powerful stanzas:

“The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world.”

This is the first in a series of videos about the Declaration of Sentiments.

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