Video included in Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival Iterations as Habitats exhibition

My experimental documentary Declaration of Sentiments Wesleyan Chapel is currently being screened as a part of the Habitats as Iterations film festival, which is a project of the Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival.

Here’s info on the festival:

Here’s the curator’s essay:

Here’s some language I have written about my work:
Declaration of Sentiments Wesleyan Chapel is the third work in a series of videos that engage the Declaration of Sentiments. At the 2014 Seneca Falls Dialogues Conference, a group of William Smith students and I recorded people reciting the entire Declaration of Sentiments in the Wesleyan Chapel, where it was first presented to the public. In this iteration of the project, the audio track from the 2014 project serves as background for an avant-garde exploration of the interior of the Wesleyan Chapel. The collage of images is meant to reflect the diversity of voices in the recording and to offer a meditation on the textures of the historically significant location. The construction and conceptualization of the project are driven by the techniques and style of feminist avant-garde filmmaking, which emphasizes non-hierarchical and collaborative production processes. This style also embraces rough edges, non-narrative structures, and decentering techniques. These production choices resist conventional cinematic style in order to enhance and promote a feminist commitment to offering the world alternatives to the status quo.

Here’s a link to where the video is screened:

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