Participatory Pedagogy Event at #scms15

You are invited to attend a:




Wednesday, March 25   8:30pm

(reception begins at 7:30)


Presented by the Women’s Caucus, Media Literacy and Pedagogical Outreach SIG, Queer Caucus, and the Women in Screen History SIG.


A hybrid panel/workshop/networking session that invites participants to brainstorm and construct syllabus modules for a course on gender and the media. A panel of senior scholars paired with junior scholars will provide prompts and feedback. Panelists include: Kristen Anderson Wagner, Mary Beltran, Caetlin Benson-Allott, Nina Bradley, Becky Burditt, Shelleen Greene, Lokei Kaimana, Virginia Kuhn, Viola Lasmana & Michele Leigh.


For more info, go to


To see the first in a series of five videos contributed to our event to help frame a discussion on film and media courses that integrate media, technology, praxis, and/or activism, go to:


On the vimeo site, participants Caetlin Benson-Allott and Lokeilani Kaimana start us off with their ideas about “Difference and Affiinity” in film and media studies.


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