Video included in Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival Iterations as Habitats exhibition

My experimental documentary Declaration of Sentiments Wesleyan Chapel is currently being screened as a part of the Habitats as Iterations film festival, which is a project of the Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival.

Here’s info on the festival:

Here’s the curator’s essay:

Here’s some language I have written about my work:
Declaration of Sentiments Wesleyan Chapel is the third work in a series of videos that engage the Declaration of Sentiments. At the 2014 Seneca Falls Dialogues Conference, a group of William Smith students and I recorded people reciting the entire Declaration of Sentiments in the Wesleyan Chapel, where it was first presented to the public. In this iteration of the project, the audio track from the 2014 project serves as background for an avant-garde exploration of the interior of the Wesleyan Chapel. The collage of images is meant to reflect the diversity of voices in the recording and to offer a meditation on the textures of the historically significant location. The construction and conceptualization of the project are driven by the techniques and style of feminist avant-garde filmmaking, which emphasizes non-hierarchical and collaborative production processes. This style also embraces rough edges, non-narrative structures, and decentering techniques. These production choices resist conventional cinematic style in order to enhance and promote a feminist commitment to offering the world alternatives to the status quo.

Here’s a link to where the video is screened:

10 apps I downloaded for #SCMS2015

I like to prep for a trip by downloading a bunch of apps that are specific to my destination. Here’s a list of the apps I downloaded for #SCMS2015 in Montreal. I haven’t tried them in action yet, because I’m not in Montreal, but I did some scanning through them to assess whether or not they’re useful. They’re all for iPhone.




There are a few different METRO maps, but this app here allows you to map routes. This “Map and Walks” app is a little dorky, but I did find some places I’d like to visit while scanning through it.




This guide has social media, but you need in-app purchases to make it fully functional. The next two are official tourism sites: official sites always have useful info.






Music, dance & visual arts listings and a series of locative soundmapping apps!



Je n’ai pas etudier le francais depuis 20 ans. So, I figured this would be handy. It cracks me up that one of the phrases it will auto-speak for you is:

“Ces drouges ne sont pas a moi!”

Add apps that you think might be useful in the comments! A bientot!

Declaration of Sentiments 2015

Declaration of Sentiments 2015


This video was recorded in the historic Wesleyan Chapel at the National Women’s Rights Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY. In the video, you can read along with a chorus of voices as they recite the Declaration of Sentiments, the foundational document of Women’s Suffrage. A series of still images record the reverence and excitement of the speakers who were standing at the podium where Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott once stood. Many of the speakers were in town to present at the 2014 Seneca Falls Dialogues Conference.

The video was shot by faculty and students from Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS): Leah Shafer, Molly Naef, Amber Williams and Julia Yenco. Funding for the project was provided by the William Smith Deans Office and the HWS Office of the Provost.

Participatory Pedagogy Event at #scms15

You are invited to attend a:




Wednesday, March 25   8:30pm

(reception begins at 7:30)


Presented by the Women’s Caucus, Media Literacy and Pedagogical Outreach SIG, Queer Caucus, and the Women in Screen History SIG.


A hybrid panel/workshop/networking session that invites participants to brainstorm and construct syllabus modules for a course on gender and the media. A panel of senior scholars paired with junior scholars will provide prompts and feedback. Panelists include: Kristen Anderson Wagner, Mary Beltran, Caetlin Benson-Allott, Nina Bradley, Becky Burditt, Shelleen Greene, Lokei Kaimana, Virginia Kuhn, Viola Lasmana & Michele Leigh.


For more info, go to


To see the first in a series of five videos contributed to our event to help frame a discussion on film and media courses that integrate media, technology, praxis, and/or activism, go to:


On the vimeo site, participants Caetlin Benson-Allott and Lokeilani Kaimana start us off with their ideas about “Difference and Affiinity” in film and media studies.