evidence and illustrations of innovative pedagogy

theory/production projects 2008    MDSC 100: Intro to Media and Society podcasts 2009    MDSC 304: Media and Theory virtual critique 2010    MDSC 304: Media and Theory YouTube curation remix videos 2011    MDSC 200: Cultures of Advertising annotated advertisement 2012    MDSC 100: Intro to Media and Society research screencast 2013    MDSC 100: Intro to Media and SocietyContinue reading “evidence and illustrations of innovative pedagogy”

MDSC 203 star, story, structure, style (2019)

 As we have discussed, television is a commercial enterprise. The history of television includes information and artifacts that refer to discrete television programs as well as its stars, its stories, its structures, and its style. For this assignment, you will follow a particular programming stream (sports, drama, variety, comedy, news or advertising) through the majorContinue reading “MDSC 203 star, story, structure, style (2019)”

BIDS 390 autobiography reimagined (2017)

“[She] writes essayistically who writes while experimenting, who turns [her] object this way and that, who questions it, feels it, tests it, thoroughly reflects on it, attacks from different angles, and in her mind’s eye collects what [she] sees, and puts into words what the object allows to be seen under the condition established inContinue reading “BIDS 390 autobiography reimagined (2017)”

MDSC 200 visual remix of archival texts (2015)

“In Plato’s Republic, Socrates presents the argument that everything in this world is an imitation, because it is an echo or reproduction of an idea that exists beyond the realm of sensible forms. A Louis Vuitton bag is the imitation of an idea, in leather and other materials, while a photograph of such a bagContinue reading “MDSC 200 visual remix of archival texts (2015)”

MDSC 100 research screencast (2012)

assignment You will work in a group to complete a group project, developed in stages over the course of the semester.  Your group will submit a collaboratively produced research dossier as a preliminary step toward the completion of your final project. The research dossier provides the foundation for the final project and is made upContinue reading “MDSC 100 research screencast (2012)”

MDSC 200 annotated advertisement (2011)

Annotated Advertisement The critically informed annotated analysis of a television advertisement will allow you to engage and apply our readings and classroom discussions to an innovative digital product. For this project you will create a “pop-up video” style annotation of a 30 second television commercial. There will be both written and digital components to thisContinue reading “MDSC 200 annotated advertisement (2011)”

MDSC 304 virtual critique (2009)

As cell phones become increasingly indispensable to global communication networks, educators are constantly telling students to turn them off in class.  In Media and Society classes, however, these exhortations to disconnect ring false.  In this course, students will investigate the cultural impact of mobile communications through provocative deployments of cell phones, surveillance cameras, digital projection,Continue reading “MDSC 304 virtual critique (2009)”

MDSC 100 podcast assignment (2008)

assignment: For this assignment, you will work in a group of three to create an enhanced podcast. Composing and analyzing our own podcasts is one of the foundational projects of Introduction to Media and Society.  This project has several components, including: following news stories, learning research methods, learning software, writing storyboards, creating enhanced podcasts, andContinue reading “MDSC 100 podcast assignment (2008)”